"Abalena’s biggest asset is its people; and our fundamental believe is equal opportunity of employment for all"

Abalena is an equal rights employer; it is committed to provide healthy & safe working environment where all employees have equal opportunities for service and where their advancement & progress is based on their professional qualifications, ability and experience.

We at Abalena observe with sincere contemplation that all employment is done regardless of age, color, nationality, race, disability, ethnic origin, marital status, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

We believe in empowering our people with highest standard of skills, investing in our people. The quality, the health and safety of our employees and their working environment are part of our fundamental philosophy.

We treat all our employees with respect, regard, fairly, equally with dignity and integrity as we support the principles and promote respect for Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Abalena has respect for human dignity and the rights of the individual. We do not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity or gender.

Working at Abalena Capital is a unique experience. With a highly diverse workforce and global outlook, we nevertheless remain connected to our local roots and heritage. To provide an inside view, we brought together a cross-section of employees, each of whom embodies the Abalena Capital culture in different ways.

And we are always interested in meeting inspiring and ambitions people with a passion for greater success. If you are looking for a challenging career within an exciting and dynamic industry, please send your resume to