Abalena Capital is a private investment company. Abalena Capital was created to offer high-growth opportunities to companies across the globe by providing the unique financial assistances and services, by one of the leading minds of the business world.

Abalena Capital benefits from an extensive international network, spanning over business leaders, leading minds of financial industry, regulators and governments, which has been created over the time by Abalena Capital.

With history and reputation as a long-term investor, Abalena Capital is highly respected in emerging and frontier markets, which allows Abalena Capital to offer exceptional investment opportunities to our global partners.

Abalena Capital invests in the various industries across the globe that includes;

      - Aviation
      - Real Estate & Hospitality
      - Sports & Media Entertainment
      - Transport


Our vision is to be an inspirational global leader of financial & Investment industry by maximize the capital creation, by investing in a portfolio of balancing and harmonizing partnerships across diverse industries and countries, while committed to our core values which reflect a our vow to responsible global citizenship. And to deliver superior investment performance by consistently taking a long-term view and fully integrating sustainability research within a rigorous framework of traditional financial analysis. Delivering outstanding investment results will also achieve our goal of proving the business case for sustainable capitalism.


Our Values guides the way we work and the way decisions are made at Abalena Capital. They provide direction for how we think and behave as individuals and as a unified institute. These values play a fundamental role in driving our people and the organization forward to achieve long-term growth and business success. The values that we encourage to demonstrated in Abalena Capital are:


Integrity and honesty form the bedrock of our business. We expect the highest ethical standards in our work and personal lives.


Our passion is eminence - excellence drives everything we do as a company. We adhere to and strive to surpass international best practices.


We apply the highest ethical, moral and professional standards in our conduct, both as individuals and as an organization.

Teamwork & Believe in People

Teamwork underpins our one-firm culture. We consider each of the women and men with whom we work as individuals entitled to respect and dignity, and we recognize and reward their contributions on the basis of merit. And our people are our most important asset. We encourage initiative and aim to unlock the individual potential of each employee, and working together as a team and united by shared values and common goals.


We in believe one is required to constantly innovate and improve as a company to stay a head and grow further. And to ensure that we accomplish success we invest time in rigorous research and continuous learning. We believe interdisciplinary, diverse knowledge is the most likely to harvest new insights and produce the best results for long-term.


We systematically identify and capitalize upon innovative and valuable investment opportunities. Our people are committed to continuously creating wealth and increasing value.


We fulfill our promises. We win the trust of our partner by being true to our word.


We adhere to principles of sound corporate governance and communicate openly, honestly and transparently with our entire partners.

Responsible Global Citizenship

We believe and recognize that success should not only be measured by organizational and financial achievements, but also by our contribution to the development of global society and accept our responsibility to live in accordance with our values, to be responsible to the communities in which we live and work, and to the global community. We aim to reduce our environmental footprint where possible, we are mindful of ways to help our employees fulfill their personal responsibilities, and we actively encourage philanthropic engagement.


Abalena Capital is led by some of the most forward-thinking and experienced minds in the industry. We foster a culture of outperformance and opportunity. The leadership of Abalena Capital encompasses of strong, balanced blend of unique group of visionary executives that are admired and respected all around the world. Their exceptional knowledge and considerable experience to excellence helps us better understand the markets in which we operate.